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Last month, I had the opportunity to record a podcast with Dr. Jolene Erlacher of Leading Tomorrow. The basis of our discussion came from an article I wrote for Kentucky Today about the spiritual illiteracy of Generation Z. On the podcast we talked about how to engage Gen Z with the gospel despite barriers to faith, how leaders/teachers/mentors can encourage and equip students, and how churches can adapt to more effectively minister to Gen Z.

I believe this is such an important conversation for churches to be having, and it was such an honor and a blessing to discuss these issues with Jolene!

You can listen to the podcast here, or look up Leading Tomorrow on Spotify to subscribe for updates!

Also, take a look at Jolene’s website to learn more about her ministry. She is an speaker, author, and coach who has written several books about inter-generational leadership and ministry. Leading Tomorrow provides resources to equip both novice and experienced leaders to effectively minister in a rapidly-changing culture. If you are interested in preparing the next generation of the church for effective gospel service, check out Leading Tomorrow!

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One thought on “Leading Tomorrow Podcast

  1. Enjoyed the podcast! This has given me lots of food for thought. I spoke with my daughter who is actually a bit older than gen z-ers about this subject and how to reach those in that group and she has some interesting insights as well. Thanks for sharing and I look forward to seeing/hearing more from you!


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